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What Our Clients Are Saying

Above and Beyond

"Jessica has worked with our daughter...since late-November of 2014. From the first visit, she fit in well with our family and took ownership of Elyse and Elyse's success in life. As you can imagine, this entire process is overwhelming in all aspects but mainly emotionally. Jessica went above and beyond her role to make sure that not only Elyse is cared for, but our entire family is educated and guided along this confusing journey. Having an EI that truly takes ownership the way Jessica did, assured us that Elyse was in good care and someone is truly there advocating for her and her future. Jessica's actions were not only immediate results, but results that would go with her step by step through her life. We have a game plan with Elyse through ABA, OT and Speech therapy now. We are encouraged and positive about her prognosis. I can honestly and 100% tell you that we would not be this prepared if it wasn't for Jessica's professionalism, encouragement, guidance, wisdom and most importantly love through all of this journey."

...Anna Miller

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